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Balance Sheet
Trial Balance
Profit And Loss Statement
Aging Analysis
Cash Flow Statement
Supplier/Vendor Account
Customer Account


Fixed Asset Management
Multi Users
Multi Branches/Location
Document Management
Stock Management
Ox Hotel: Booking/Reservation
Ox Real Estate: Rent Reminder
Ox Logistics: Freight,Clearing,Demurrage


Financial Reports
Business Analytics
Purchases Management
Statutory Compliance
Credit Management
Point Of Sale
Mobile/PC Apps

Our Products

Ox Manufacturing

ERP/Accounting solution Tailored for manufacturers...

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Ox Trading

ERP/Accounting solution Tailored for traders...

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Ox Hotel

ERP/Accounting solution Tailored for hotels...

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Ox Services

ERP/Accounting solution Tailored for service providers...

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Ox Payroll

Customizable payroll solution......view more

Ox Logistics

ERP/Accounting solution Tailored for logistics/shipping...view more

Ox eCommerce Suite

Highly flexible Enterprise eCommerce solution...view more

Ox Transport

ERP/Accounting solution Tailored for transport organisation...view more

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Ease Of Use

It is a whole lot easier to work on Ox ERP both for professional and non-professional users.


Ox ERP is one of the fastest growing accounting/ERP solution provider, servicing thousands of both small and large scale companies.


You have a round the clock access to your business on all our platforms.


Why pay more, when you can pay less. We figured a faster and more efficient way to train and setup, in addition to providing round the clock customer support.

Who we are!

Our company Ox Accounting provides information technology services to a wide range of different customer types including Retail and Institutional clients, Introducer's, Affiliates and different business types. Our aim is to offer the best possible services to our clients, who are our prime priority and to whom we are extremely dedicated. We offer a vast amount of business instruments, programs, platforms and accounts, tailored to the individual needs of our clients.

About Us

Our Team comprises experienced and trusted leaders who inspire confidence in leadership and assurance of success as such we aim to become industry leaders by fully exploring the potential of the every day business needs and placing our clients' needs at the center of every decision we make. We will always strive to ensure maximum performance. Resourceful by nature and skilled through experience, we are certain we will fulfill our aspirations, and yours.

Our Mission

Our mission is to maximize the value our clients derive from their most precious commodity, "Time"! By offering advanced and innovative services, optimal customer care and perpetual devotion to our clients, we will ensure that their individual needs are always met as markets continue to evolve over time.

Trusted by over 13,000+ corporates worldwide

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